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One of the things I always disliked about (audio) podcasting was having to link each episode to a blog post. I understood that podcasting grew out of blogging to a certain extent, but it bugged me to have to create blog posts, and make show notes or whatever.

Video, somehow escaped this with sites like youtube. You just put the video there with the title “Man gets football in groin” , no need to walk through the different aspects of the video in the description. Meanwhile, back in audio-land, the “gurus” were telling us we had to have detailed show notes, so search engines would pick up on these, and spread the word etc …etc… blah..blah.

What a pain in the ass show notes are. I’ll blog if want to, but I’d prefer to create audio and be done with it. So for my new podcasting adventure, I’ve gone back to how I did it in 2004, using a php script called dircaster which is still being maintained after all these years. It makes life so simple:

Put what you want in the id3 tags
Put the file in the right place
Be done with it.
RSS creation is automatic, there’s even a quick and dirty webpage example in there. That’s all you (I) really need.

I’m not completely insensitive to those who want to read a blog, so I’ve added additional automation with IFTTT, and it takes whatever the hell shows up in the RSS and creates a post on this podcast blog. Commenting space if it’s ever needed  …  If this holds up everything will happen with a simple file transfer.

So I record and upload with Bossjock Studio on my iThing, and that’s it. Blogging not required. This is what I always wanted. 

Let’s see how this goes..

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